Textile – and Industry history in a highly participative way.
At the former location of a spinning mill in Augsburg, TIM presents the history of Bavarian textile production and it`s socio-historic context. The exhibition showcases more than 1,000 objects. The worldwide unique collection of pattern books of the former New Augsburg Cotton Factory is the core treasure of the museum. This unique selection comprises more than 600 books with about a million patterns from over three centuries. They are staged as the central backbone of the visitors routing. Three oversized figurines, the so-called ‘Graces’, refer to specific aspects of the fabrics emphasizing the haptic quality as well as the process of printing and tailoring. Digital pattern books with an interactive sewing pattern interface enable visitors to design a dress in real time projected onto the surface of the turning figurine. Thus, the infinite richness of the patterns becomes interactively accessible, and young designers from all over Europe travel to Augsburg to design on site inspired by the unique setting. ©ATB|URB

The interactive digital pattern-book offers unique access to a large number of patterns. It allows to design with the historic patterns in real-time, while they were projected onto the slowly turning 3-dimensional figurines. This installation became fashionable for young fashion-designers and worthwhile to travel to Augsburg for inspiration. In 2011, TIM won the Luigi Micheletti Award for innovative industrial museums.